Rights and Royalties
for producing CES plays


The copyright for all CES publications is owned by Creative Educational Systems. Purchasing a play script from CES is confirmation that you have permission to present our play, and make any alterations to the script as are needed. All rights to the play in any medieum reside and remain with Creative Educational Systems.


Royalties depend on whether or not you/ your organization are paid anything for the performance, either through selling admissions to the audience, underwriting the performance with a grant or other funding, or receiving a fee from a recipient organization for doing the show there. If you receive payment, then the royalty for the first performance of a play is $20, and each performance thereafter is $15.

BUT if the play is free to the audience and you receive no other form of remuneration, there are no royalties charges to you.


In any event, we do request a credit to Creative Educational Systems as authors in any publicity, verbal or printed matter you put out (program, newsletter, etc.) related to the show.

Have fun producing, and let us know how it turns out.

--Creative Educational Systems

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