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Astronomers of Ancient Greece play script cover Young science students will thrill to the clash of ideas about the nature of the universe presented here in play form which they can act out. As the ancient Greek astronomers debate whether the sun or the earth is the center of the universe, the evolution of scientific thought comes to life for the actors who are performing and watching this play.

At the meeting of the Athens (Greece) Astronomical Society, the hostess anxiously presents their most famous guest speaker of all time, the noted Ptolemy. Everything goes well as Ptolemy puts forth his theory about the earth-centered universe, complete with dramatic re-enactment by the audience members. Suddenly, one of the rebellious young astronomy students, named Marsius, rises to demonstrate the idea of the Sun-centered universe as put forth by the (now dead) astronomer Aristarchus, again complete with dramatization. Ptolemy belittles the sun-centered universe idea and it's proponent, Marsius, who is crest-fallen. But once Ptolemy has left, Marsius' friends cheer him up, telling him that his points were very convincing, and that they believe he is correct.

This 10 minute script features 1 major male role (Ptolemy), 3 other major roles and 9 small supporting characters. There is an expandable chorus which can be any size to accommodate the desired size of the cast. Gender is interchangeable on virtually all of the roles except perhaps Ptolemy. This script is excellent for elementary or middle school casts from about 3rd grade or older and works well for adults, too. Hard copy version is 8 1/2" x 11" in size, spiral bound so as to lie flat on a desk when open, and with color cover.

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