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An adaptation of Native American folklore Is there a better way to get an experiential understanding of Native American folklore than by performing one of its tales? And one of the most colorful characters, bound to bring laughter to the performers and audience alike, is the Native American trickster Coyote. This story explains the origin of the blue bonnet flowers and will delight and instruct both audience and cast with a good moral.

Coyote and the Blue Flowers is a variation on the legend of how the blue bonnet flowers were created. During a severe drought, the tribe's Shaman asks the Great Spirit for help, and receives word that the Great Spirit wants a sacrifice of the tribe's most valued possession. None of the tribe want to give up their valuables, until a young Native American maiden gives up her only momento from her parents (who died in the drought), a doll with bluejay feathers in its hair. The morning after her sacrifice, the tribe awakens to find the hills covered with blue flowers, and the rains falling once again.

This 15-minute play Coyote and the Blue Flowers, contains strong roles of any gender for Shaman and Coyote, one strong female role, and any number of small supporting roles with expandable chorus of tribes people.
The play offers an excellent moral about doing what is best for the Whole group, even at the expense of your personal benefit. Production ideas for sets, costumes, etc. and thematic curriculum ideas are included at the end. The hard copy version of this Native American Folklore play script is 8 1/2" x 11" in size, spiral bound so as to lie flat on a desk when open, and with color cover. (Also downloadable version available).

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Buy Coyote and the Blue Flowers eplay script, an adaptation 
of a Native American folktale
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