1986 Myths of Wyoming, Volume 1: Jackson Hole, a series of historically-based short stories about the town of Jackson Hole and its surrounding area. (out of print).
1990 Playmaking: Integrating the Arts Into Education (out of print).
1992 Life in Ancient Greece: Mythology--A curriculum adventure. (An arts-oriented curriculum guide).
1992 Exploring Columbus: A Multicultural Perspective—A curriculum adventure. (An arts-oriented curriculum guide).
1993 The New Playmaking: The Latest in the Integration of the Arts in Education. (This is a comprehensive revision of Playmaking with additional material and a new title).
1994 The Folklore Festival (Three short plays from Africa, Japan and Ancient Greece)
1994 The Folklore Festival: A Multicultural Framework. A curriculum adventure. (An arts-oriented curriculum guide).
1995 Children of the Sun: The Culture of Mexico. A curriculum adventure. (An arts-oriented curriculum guide).
1999 Eight Plays for a New Century
1999 The Fairy Tale Festival (Three short plays from China, Ancient Egypt and Russia)
2000 Producing the School Play
2000 Teaching Curriculum Through the Arts
2001 Holly Day Tales (A collection of short plays for Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanzaa)
2001 The Theatre of Hans Christian Andersen (Five dramatizations of stories by Hans Christian Andersen)
2002 Play With Purpose: Student workbook for Teaching Curriculum Through the Arts.
2003 Sunrise at 602: Enlightened Classroom Management
2006 Plays for the Study of Black History
2006 The 2007 “Open Windows” Calendar (to be produced each year).
2007 Playwriting: a dialogue
2007 Two Boards and a Passion: Eleven plays for teenage actors (and up)

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