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Can young people gain an appreciation of the Classics of literature in just a few days?

You bet they can. With CES's new program Classics in the Classroom, you can engage your students' attention and motivate them to enjoy a piece of classical literature at any level from storytelling by a Master Storyteller with follow-up workshops, up to a fully produced play, regardless of their age.

Let our professional consultants in arts-in-education lend a hand. Email us or call 732-698-9885. Classics in the Classroom picture of students
rehearsing the Jungle Book
Students in the Bronx rehearse the Jungle Book

Short on budget? We can design a program to fit any budget considerations you have. Long on talent, time and desire for a real extravaganza? We'll guide you through the production of a fully produced play!

Just follow these FOUR EASY STEPS:
  1. First, you select, from the list below, the story or stories you'd like your students to become familiar with.
  2. Second, you let us know what stories you've selected and when you'd like to have a CES teaching artist visit you. Email us now, telling us What stories you've selected (an artist can work up to 3 contact hours a day, so you can select up to 3 different classes and 3 different stories) and When you want us to visit--approximately. Or call 732-698-9885.
  3. Third, we send you a complimentary copy of each script we'll be working from with your students, along with curriculum suggestions connected with each story, and
  4. Fourth, the selected teaching artist will visit your school, talk to the teachers he or she will be working with, and initiate a partnership for the residence.
Choose from amongst these scripts to suit your class and your curriculum (age levels are approximate--it always depends on the maturity level of your students):

Early Childhood:
"Anansi Tales"
"Coyote the Firebringer"
"The Emperor's New Clothes"
"Jack and the Beanstalk"
"The Little Red Hen"
"Lon Po Po"
"Peter and the Wolf"
"The Princess and the Pea"

Inner city JHS students work on the Odyssey Classics in the Classroom picture of students
rehearsing the Jungle Book

Eight to eleven year olds:
"The Jungle Book"
"The Nightingale"
"The Sparrow Maiden"
"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz"
"Rhodopis and the Song of the Falcon"
"The Myth of Demeter and Persephone"
"Juan Bobo and the Nightingales"

Twelve and up:
"A Christmas Carol"
"The Dream Rehearsed" (a Midsummer Nights Dream)
"The Odyssey"
"The Snow Queen"
"Two Fathom Mark Twain" (includes selections from Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn and the Prince and the Pauper)

Your students will love being involved in classical literature. And by their active involvement, they will understand the story better too.

Call us at 732-698-9885, or email us at to find out how we can serve your classes.

Depending on the level of production you want, here are some options, and what you'd get (please remember that these are just options):

Three day program:
Seven Day Program:
Fifteen Day Program:
Email us to find out how you can get this enthralling program for your classes, or call us at 732-698-9885.

We also provide residences in Playwriting for Literacy where students write and perform their own plays.

And check our touring Assembly Shows to see how your students can be trained by and perform with professional actors at your school.

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