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Exploring Columbus:
A Multicultural Perspective

Exploring Christopher Columbus: A Multicultural Perspective 
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book for the age of exploration for teachers cover ISBN: 942345-01-0
(55 pages. Pbk. plastic comb binding)

Through games, a fresh approach to curriculum mapping, "Living Time Lines" creative writing exercises, art projects, singing, pantomime and role-play; the motivations, historical context and accomplishments of Christopher Columbus are explored, discussed and evaluated.

A five-day lesson plan provides students with experiential understanding of the choices the explorer made and the incendiary situations in which he made them.

A detailed scenario of "A Story About Columbus" follows him from his childhood in Genoa, Italy through his early encounter with Portuguese pirates, his efforts to get funding for his expedition to find a new trade route to India, and his hazardous first voyage over a vast, uncharted ocean; to his encounters with the natives of San Salvador and his triumphant return to the court of Spain.

How cultures other than the European view Columbus' exploits is addressed and his faults as well as his virtues are examined.

A bibliography, resource lists and innovative teaching strategies combine to make this book an exceptional guide to the study of Columbus and his contributions to our lives

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