Teaching Curriculum Through the Arts

We cannot find any books which offer as comparable content and as comprehensive a study of the subject, though there are many different books on multiple intelligences which address learning through the arts:

Producing the School Play

Sunrise at 602: Enlightened Classroom Management

None of the other classroom management manuals takes a first person, narrative approach to the subject, so that we can read actual conversations and how the teachers handled things. Nor do they put as much stress on the empowerment of the students.

Our Curriculum Guides:

The idea, with our 4 Curriculum Guides, was to create a book where teachers could find everything they needed to teach an integrated thematic curriculum revolving around a central subject or theme all under one cover... and to show how to teach it using the arts. Though there are other books on each of the subjects covered by our Guides, we have yet to find any with the extent of information and the number of arts-oriented activities all in one place.

Play with Purpose, the student workbook:

To our knowledge, no other student workbook incorporates the principles of arts-in-education and the teaching of curriculum with Howard Gardnerís Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

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