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Sergia Perez

"I Didn't Cry"
A Latina's Story

What Every Teenager Should See!

Can teenagers really understand how to avoid the pitfalls of pregnancy, drugs, AIDS and abusive relationships in just one hour?

I Didn’t Cry is an autobiographical one-woman show which warns young people of inappropriate choices by portraying the author’s sister, a young Puerto Rican teenager, who falls in love with the wrong man and, through an indiscreet series of life choices, experiences love, drugs, pregnancy, marriage, abuse, AIDS and ultimately death.

“A powerful gripping work about contemporary issues that everyone cares about.”
- David Willinger
Chair of Theatre
City College of New York

This powerful show is bound to:
  • affect students emotionally, and that is the best agent for change in behavior.
  • keep students riveted to their seats.
  • allow the constructive expression of emotions which students with similar experiences may have repressed.

“Sergia Perez is a strong, committed, talented actress and she tells this tragic story exceptionally well. I truly loved it.”
Paul Moore
one of the Tony Award voters

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