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Imagine William Shakespeare's first rehearsal of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," interrupted by a girl masquerading as a boy playing a girl, Elizabethan spies, an angry landlord and an outraged tavernkeeper, a softhearted pickpocket and loads of laughs, mistaken identities and surprises to everyone involved.

"The Dream Rehearsed"

Introduce your students to the
English-speaking world’s greatest writer:
William Shakespeare

Shakespeare image for the A Midsummer Night's Dream 
assembly show for young people

30 of your students perform with professional actors!

Our current production features up to 30 or more of your students and three classically trained, professional actors who rehearse with them and perform with them. AND we send our director to your school four days before the show to train the cast you select. You provide the cast and the space, we bring costumes, music, props and everything else.

CES’ dynamic, multicultural presentation of The Dream Rehearsed involves up to 30 of your students in a 5-day experience they will remember for a lifetime. 3 large male roles, 6 medium male roles, 4 medium female roles, 21 smaller roles, including some non-speaking roles.

Here's the schedule
(days do not have to be consecutive):

Day 1: Training. A master teaching artist teaches participating students reading, speaking and performing of Shakespeare and the essentials of pantomime, voice projection and characterization.

Day 2: Casting. Students learn the story of the play and are cast in appropriate roles, including acting, stage crew and sound effects technicians.

Day 3 & 4: Rehearsal. Students in groups are rehearsed in the scenes in which they will perform. Day 4 includes at least one full-cast run-through.

Day 5: The Production: Students will be joined by three classically trained professional actors and a stage manager and rehearse the show complete with costumes, music and sound effects (all provided by CES) and then give one or two 45-minute performances to audiences of 250-300 students.

And “The Magic of Language”

Following the production the cast (both professional and student actors) will participate in a structured discussion with the audience on why Shakespeare is still revered as the master of the English language after 500 years and why his plays still delight us today.

CES 5-day performance package: $3,690

(travel costs may need to be added outside the New York City area)

To arrange a booking of this extraordinary event, email us at info@creativeeducationalsystems.com call CES at 1-888-422-0320, pin# ARTS (2787).

Extended in-school residencies and seminars are available upon request.