Emperors New Clothes
The Emperor's New Clothes
a play script adaptation of
the classic fairy tale
by Hans Christian Andersen

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The Emperor's New Clothes play script adaptation of the
Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale cover How about teaching a great lesson in humility and compassion while allowing your students to build their self-esteem in performance? This comical treatment of Emperor's New Clothes brings Hans Christian Andersen't story to life for performers and audience alike.

The Emperor of a distant land loves clothes. He is so enamoured of looking at himself in his looking glass in his fine new fashion that he is continually using the royal treasury to buy himself clothes and ignoring the serious needs of his subjects. Two con men realize they can take advantage of the situation and conspire to sell the Emperor a magical garment made out of the most beautiful cloth in the world. There's only one catch. Only intelligent people can see the cloth, or the garments made from it. Not wanting to appear foolish, the Emperor and all his court pretend they can see the cloth and the con men sell him a garment which is made of absolutely nothing. The whole village, who has heard about the special magic clothes, also pretends to be able to see them when the Emperor goes on parade. Only when a child, who hasn't heard about the supposed magic cloth, laughs and points out that the Emperor is parading around in his birthday suit, does everyone realize what is really going on. Humiliated in front of his subjects, the Emperor mends the error of his ways and vows to curb his vanity and help his people solve their problems.

This 10-15 minute Emperor's New Clothes play script features 1 narrator role, 1 strong leading role (Emperor), 3 strong supporting roles of any gender, and an expandable chorus which can be any size (many with a few lines) to accommodate the desired size of the cast. Gender is interchangeable on most of the roles. For a complete list of cast, including the number of lines for each part, click here. This script is excellent for elementary or middle school casts but works well for adults, too, especially when performing for a young audience. The hard copy version is 8 1/2" x 11" in size, spiral bound so as to lie flat on a desk when open, and with color cover.

Thanks for your note. I was glad to find your play available, and at such a nice price! I am just a mom, not a teacher. I volunteer for a small Catholic school in Minnesota, and I am teaching a unit on Drama for 2nd-3rd graders. We don't have a budget, so I was hoping to find some short scripts on-line that I could modify into 10-minute plays for the kids to perform. I like your interpretation -- it is funny and has a nice twist with the weavers helping all of the villagers at the end. It was great to take the option of an immediate download rather than waiting for something to be mailed. This way I have it in an electronic format that I can shorten, too. Thanks again for making a nice product available to others at such a modest cost.

Sharon Scanlon
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