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The Fairytale Festival
A theatrical adaptation of
Three Multicultural Folktales

Fairy Tale Festival play script
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The Fairytale Festival Play Script-
An adaptation of three multicultural folktales Students will thrill at the chance to play the delightful characters in the Fairy Tale Festival, and thoroughly enjoy the music and comedy. It's a delightful multicultural experience for the audience as well.

The Fairytale Festival is actually a collection of three multicultural folktales in one play:

In Lon Po Po, The Chinese Red Riding Hood, Mother has to go to Grandma Po Po's house to bring her a birthday basket of goodies. She makes the girls promise to lock the door and not to let in strangers. But the Wolf arrives as soon as she is gone and disguises himself as their Grandma, getting admittance to their cottage. The oldest daughter Shang realizes what the Wolf is up to and, pretending she and her sisters are going to pick some delicious Gingko nuts for dessert, gets her sisters safely up in the Gingko tree in front of the house. When the Wolf insists on being let up into the tree, the girls agree to lift him up in a basket. After hoisting him in the air, however, they drop the basket (with the Wolf in it) so many times, the battered and beaten Wolf finally gives up and leaves them alone.

In the second of the three stories, Peter and the Wolf, based on the musical composition by Prokofiev, a young boy and his grandfather live at the edge of a woods in Russia. Grandfather forbids Peter to go outside the fence and play with his animal friends in the meadow, but as soon as Grandfather has gone inside a ferocious Wolf appears. With the help of his animal friends, Peter captures the Wolf and, aided by some passing Hunters, takes the Wolf to the zoo so he will not harm anyone.

In Rhodopis and the Song of the Falcon, Rhodopis (the Egyptian Cinderella) a Greek girl with fair hair, has been made a slave to a kind master, but while he treats her fairly, the other dark complexioned Egyptian servant girls make her do their chores and laugh at how pale she seems. Rhodopis' only friends are the animals. One day, when her master sees her dancing, he gives her a pair of beautiful slippers. A falcon steals one, however, and brings it to the Pharoah who is looking for a bride. The Pharoah looks throughout Egypt for the owner of the slipper and eventually finds Rhodopis, whom he marries and takes with him to live at court.

This 45-minute play includes 3 stories, each of which is approximately 15 minutes in length and each of which can be performed separately or together.
Lon Po Po features 4 womens parts, and 1 strong male character, a narrator, and a small ensemble chorus of actors who create the setting and props. Several songs are included for each of the main characters to sing. Good for 3rd grade on up, (middle and high school students, especially if they are performing for young audiences).
Peter and the Wolf is a narrated pantomime, and the narrator role may be divided amongst several actors. There are five traditionally male roles and the four animal parts can have interchangeable gender. It can be performed by elementary students, including early childhood, with a more mature narrator(s).
Rhodopis and the Song of the Falcon contains strong roles for three women, six supporting male roles, and three good animal characters of any gender. It is a challenging musical, best for 4th grade and up.
Production ideas for sets, costumes, etc. and thematic curriculum ideas are included at the end. The hard copy version is 8 1/2" x 11" in size, spiral bound so as to lie flat on a desk when open, and with color cover.

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-- Nyle MacFarlane, strawberry_blond80@yahoo.com
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