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The Folklore Festival:
A multicultural curriculum framework

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(61 pages. Pbk. plastic comb binding)

Three richly diverse cultures -- Tribal Africa, Medieval Japan, and Ancient Greece -- are explored through the preparation and production of a trio of dramatized traditional folk tales.  Costume designs and detailed instructions for their construction, suggestions for simple but effective staging, sets, properties, lighting, sound and music are included.

Each of the three short plays is written in a different theatre form -- Why the Hare Runs Away from Africa, in story theatre; The Sparrow Maiden, from Japan, in narrated pantomime; and The Story of Demeter and Persephone, from Ancient Greece, as a traditional script.  Each of these forms is described in detail and suggestions given for their effective use with any theatricalized story.

Curriculum suggestions for each of the three plays are given for language arts, social studies, science, math, art, music and dance. 

Fascinating facts about each of the three cultures, a curriculum wheel for each and synopses of the role theatre plays in the respective cultures together form a framework within which any teacher may develop a truly multicultural celebration with his or her students.

CES's curriculum guide The Folklore Festival: A multicultural curriculum framework gives you:
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Folklore Festival: Multicultural Framework

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