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Learn about the Holocaust!

holocaust show Only a Girl

She saved the lives of 12 Jewish workers in Poland during World War II.
She was only 17 years old! She was...
"Only A Girl!"
the remarkable true story of Irene Gut Opdyke

The perfect venue for working on issues of

Studying World War II? the Holocaust?
Dealing with Bullying issues in your school or organization?
This performance is a powerful teaching venue to address them all!

"This play is inspirational. What a wonderful way to enhance the traditional curriculum on Holocaust education." - Bill Nelson, Educator, Salem High School

ONLY A GIRL tells the true story of Irene Gut Opdyke, a Holocaust Rescuer who, at the age of 17, helped save hundreds of lives during the Second World War. Based on personal interviews with Irene herself, this remarkable tale of courage and commitment comes to life. As told through narrative, “visited” memories, film images, and original music and songs, “Only a Girl” carries us back with Irene through her idyllic childhood in pre-war Poland to her days with the Polish Resistance and onward… “Only a Girl” celebrates the courage and love of Survivor and Rescuer, and continues Irene’s voice… so that through hope and love and the shedding of supposed differences… we can find our single humanity. And in that humanity, reach out to one another without fear, only love.

Email us now at: info@creativeeducationalsystems.com to arrange a booking of this extraordinary program,
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1 performance at your school: $1515
2 performances
(same day, same location): $2,000
(travel costs may need to be added outside the New York City area)

And that's not all you'll get!
Not only will you get the performance, but your school will receive a replicable study guide, including ...And after each performance we provide an audience Talk Back with the cast to help the audience deal with their feelings regarding issues in the show and the nature of the performance.

" ...In today’s materialistic world, this story depicts what really matters- respect for others, acceptance of cultural and religious differences, and the determination to do the right thing- even when it results in uncomfortable, personal sacrifice. I have shared Irene’s story with many people since seeing the play. If we all incorporated a fraction of Irene’s compassion and courage into our daily lives, imagine the positive impact." - Pat Ryan, Vice President, Princeton Healthcare System

Only A Girl holocaust play
Cast members Jen Faith Brown and David Mulholland

Irene Gut Opdyke dedicated the last 20 years of her life visiting schools and organizations to stand witness to the reality and horrors of the Holocaust and the nature of bullying. We are proud to continue her important work in this original production.

"This play is a life altering experience for each soul who attends." - Nancy Walker, Musical Director, Storybook Musical Theatre

Email us now at: info@creativeeducationalsystems.com to arrange a booking of this extraordinary program,
or call CES at 1-888-422-0320, pin# ARTS (2787).