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"Holly Day Tales"

5 plays
for the winter holidays

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"I had no problems downloading and have already made copies and read through the two I wanted to use with my students. I was just online and looked up Christmas plays for kids and found you all. For 12 bucks I couldn't beat the price plus NO ROYALTIES! I work in a very small district in Texas and the choir teacher and I are planning a tour to the Elementary schools in the district. Your scripts are perfect for that occasion. I teach high school theatre."

Joakima C. Mayes
Middle School/High School Teacher
LaMarque, Texas

To read samples of each individual play script included, click here and then go to the individual play involved.
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Plays for Christmas, Hanukkah 
and Kwanzaa

Description of these Scripts:

Duration: varies with script, from 15 to 60 mins.
Genre: "Christmas Carol" & "Hanukkah Story" are dramas;
"Reindeer Solution" & "Hanukkah Lite" are comedies, and "Seven Principles of Kwanzaa" varies with each of the seven skits.
Cast Size: varies with the plays involved (see each individual play)
Grade level: 3-5th gr., m.s., h.s. or adult
Production ideas: included at the back.
Thematic curriculum ideas: included at the back.
Size: 8 1/2" x 11", spiral bound, color cover.

CES play scripts make producing your play a snap!
Plays for Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa is a collection of 5 classroom-tested, original and heart-warming plays for the winter holidays. Each play comes with "production notes" (guidelines for costumes, scenery and staging) to make your directing/producing job easy.

How easy is it?
  • Availability? You can get your play right now! No more trips to all the bookstores or libraries in the area, searching through their play collections, hoping to find what you want. In minutes, it's now at your fingertips.

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  • Choice? You can choose from 5 different plays, all in one volume, representing winter holiday celebrations from 3 different cultures. And best of all, each play contains a joyous, heartwarming message so you know it will please your audience at the holiday season.

    And each script has proven itself: it's been tested in school productions in front of student audiences. So you know you are getting a winner. But now, how about...

  • Casting? Always a time consumer, you say? True, but now you can cut your time in half. Cast your play quickly and easily with one look at the detailed character descriptions in the cast list, which also gives you a look at the size and requirements of each role. If you know your talent pool, you can probably even cast without tryouts.

    But now you're going to need scripts for everyone, and that takes some work. Not a problem...

  • Script copies? Print as many copies as you need right from your own computer, if you download; no more trying to press the book flat on the copier and getting skewed page copies with distorted text and black backgrounds where the light bleeds through the copier cover which you can never close completely over the top of the book, and the line waiting to use the copier is getting longer and more and more impatient while you spend the better part of your day just getting enough scripts for your cast!

    Now all you do is just load paper in your printer, set the number of print copies, and click "print." You can even do something else while you print. Better yet...

    ...print just one copy and drop it off to your local copy center on the way to work. If you don't mind paying for the copies, it will cost you a lot less than usual, because they are working off sheets of paper instead of a book. And they can collate them for you too!

    And if you ordered a hard copy, now duplicating is easy with a spiral bound book that lies flat on your copier. Whichever way you go, CES play scripts are faster to produce in the quantity you need.

    "Thank you for the script. It is just what we were hoping to find. This will be a fabulous artistic endeavor for our students. The best to you in the coming year!"
    -- Marnie

    -- marnierobison@gmail.com
    -- Marnie Robinson
    -- parent/mentor

    Okay, so you have your play in hand, have chosen your cast, and everyone has scripts in record time. But how about producing it?
    No surprise here. We make that easy too!

  • Play design and production? Each script contains production concepts for costumes, sets, music, etc. All the ideas are already there for you. No need to worry whether you have the costumes in the right style, or if the set is appropriate.

    Not that you can't use your own creativity, of course. But if you're pressed for time,or just "burned out" at this time of year, and your creative well is low, not to worry!We've done all the work for you. Just flip to the back of each script and look at our suggestions.

  • Do I have to pay royalties? Nope! That's right. You read it correctly. This is one of the best parts. You can produce your play absolutely royalty-free as long as you aren't charging admission for performances. It's our holiday gift to you as our thanks for ordering.

    I am a teacher in LAUSD and I found out about your site after doing a search on google. I was looking for a workable script of The Christmas Carol for my drama students to perform for a school-wide assembly. Your site was extremely intriguing. Again thank you for your swift response and I'll be sure to spread the word about your site to other teachers.
    --Carla M. McCullough
    --Drama Teacher, LAUSD

    What scripts are included in Holly Day Tales?

  • The Reindeer Solution. A fast-moving Christmas comedy. Santa's reindeers come to the rescue of a gnome who is being ridiculed by Santa's elves, proving that everyone has special talents and can contribute to Santa's Christmas team. Good for grades 2-8. 25+ roles, each a distinctive and hilarious character. Playing time: 10-12 minutes (or extend the celebration by adding Christmas carols before and after the story). A $7 value. Click here to read more.
  • Hanukkah Lite. A delightful story of a modern Jewish family celebrating the Festival of Lights with their assorted Jewish and non-Jewish relatives and friends. A real slice-of-life look at the Jewish culture and its holiday celebration. Good for grades 3-9. 20+ unique roles. Playing time 12-15 minutes. A $7 value. Click here to read more.
  • The Hanukkah Story. Retelling of the historical origins of the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. This is a great multicultural play for understanding the religious origins of the Hanukkah holiday. Good for grades 4-12. 24+ roles. Playing time 12-15 minutes. A $9 value. Click here to read more.
  • A Christmas Carol. Originally developed as a radio play for bi-lingual students, this Charles Dickens Christmas classic includes instructions for sound effects and music. It requires only a tape recorder w/attachable microphone and blank tape to be produced. Invite other classes to listen to the finished product. Or if you feel more ambitious, it can easily be adapted and produced as a stage play. Good for grades 4-12. There are up to 32 roles, with plenty of double casting possibilities. A great vehicle for teaching students reading skills through oral interpretation of English literature. Playing time: 20 minutes. An $11 value. Click here to read more.
  • The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa. Each of the seven principles of Kwanzaa is dramatized through the retelling of a traditional tale. Each story may be performed individually or all seven can be performed together. Good for grades 4-12. There are 70 roles, but with double casting, the entire show can be done by an ensemble of 16 players, if desired. Or, if you prefer, divide the stories up among several classes (casts) for school-wide involvement. Playing time 45-55 minutes. A $9 value. Click here to read more.

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    Plays for Christmas, Hanukkah 
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