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Children of the Sun

 cover for Children of the Sun: The Culture of Mexico
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The culture of Mexico

ISBN: 942345-02-9
(85 pages. Pbk. plastic comb binding)

Thematic activities in language arts, science, math, history, geography, foreign language study, music art, drama and dance are all covered comprehensively in this exceptional study of Mexico from the country's Pre-Columbian origins to the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire, Mexican independence, revolution and reform, to Mexico in the 20th Century and today.

A dramatization of the legend of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl in pantomime and choral reading is included with extensive production suggestions. 

Time Lines, maps, a "Who's Who" in Mexican culture and a "Fascinating Fact Extrapolation" enables students to not only learn about the country and its people, but to vicariously experience the widely divergent sub-cultures of Mexico and understand in depth their struggles and celebrations.

Step-by-step instructions are provided for the design, preparation and presentation of an authentic, student-created fiesta, which can be a celebratory classroom activity or a school-wide culminating event.

In addition to an excellent bibliography, appendices include sheet music for traditional songs and crafts projects for ancient and modern Mexican costumes, musical instruments and decorative crafts.

CES's curriculum guide Exploring Christopher Columbus: A Multicultural Perspective gives you:
  • a curriculum map to assist you in teaching about Mexican culture in a truly interdisciplinary way.
  • a play script for the history of Mexico, with enough parts for an entire classroom of students, suitable for improvisation.
  • production ideas for sets, costumes, music, etc.
  • thematic activities in all curriculum areas including Language Arts, science, history, and math.
  • a timeline of Mexico's history.
  • a "who's who" of famous Mexican people.
  • a step by step guideline for the creation of a complete Fiesta as a school culminating celebration.
  • reproducible pages for students examining maps, the geography and the climate of Mexico.
  • fascinating facts about Mexico, and a "fascinating fact extrapolation"--step by step instructions for students to follow to motivate them to make the connections between the significance of the facts and their own lives.
  • multiple intelligence activities for all learning styles.
  • appendices of music, costumes and crafts of Mexico.

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