Artist in Residence programs
New Renaissance Programs
Residences in Arts-Integrated
Interdisciplinary Thematic Curriculum

Students and teachers learn together,
not only about the arts,
but also about curriculum,
about believing in themselves,
about getting along with one another,
and how that all makes a difference in our lives.

Each New Renaissance Program is designed to provide a comprehensive study of curriculum material relevant to the academic subject chosen. This experience may encompass just one grade-level or it can be a school-wide arts education experience. With activities in the literary, visual and performing arts, the culmination of each program is a public presentation of what students have learned, a celebration of the arts in lifelong learning and a fundraising event through which the school community can actively contribute to the continuance of integrated arts programs in their school.

The Story of the American Revolution
From the first encounter of the Pilgrims with the New World’s Native Americans through the French and Indian wars, to the Boston Tea Party; Lexington and Concord; the midnight ride of Paul Revere; the signing of the Declaration of Independence, major battles and the first Constitutional Convention—the United States of America was born.
This school-wide educational extravaganza explores the pertinent facts, the affirmed values of our Nation’s forefathers, the music, the flags, uniforms and military strategies, dances, art, architecture and weaponry and—most important of all—the indomitable spirit of the men and women of the colonies to fight for and win their freedom. Included is the play "Tom, Ben and George: The Story of the American Revolution," a dynamic historical pageant featuring roles for more than 100 students.
This is an arts-in-education experience that will give everyone involved a fresh insight of what it means to be an American—an insight they will carry with them for the rest of their lives!

The Harlem Renaissance
Langston Hughes, Duke Ellington, Ethel Waters, Romare Burden, Josephine Baker and Bessie Smith, W.B. DuBois, Richard Wright, Louis Armstrong, Paul Robeson and Eubie Blake…and many more, both European and African American collaborated to create the multifaceted arts movements in the 1920’s, ‘30’s, and ‘40’s called "The Harlem Renaissance." Including literature, music, dance, theatre, musical theatre, and the visual arts (painting, sculpture and film). The movement also had a profound impact on issues of race and of politics.
This program highlights a recreation of the foundation of Black culture in the United States and how that foundation has resounded and expanded to the ongoing flowering of African American identity, which continues to grow exponentially today and holds the power of transformation for tomorrow.
Studying how this world-changing movement came about, who was involved and how… and why, will inspire your community to honor their cultural heritage and build a new social architecture for the future.

Winter Holiday Festival
Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanzaa provide the ideal opportunity to provide a multi-cultural experience for the entire school community. Children and parents together have the opportunity to learn about one another’s culture and collective values through dance, visual arts, literature, drama and music in a festive environment. And, of course, the opportunity to purchase, holiday decorations, gifts for the entire family, specialty food items, toys and even holiday clothing—made by students, staff and parents, donated by local merchants and artists—all proceeds going to the school for the continuance of the school’s arts education opportunities. Students, working with school staff, parents and volunteers learn the basics of budgeting, advertising and promotion, retail sales basics, inventory, customer service, merchandising and dozens of other practical and useful skills while integrating with their community in socially productive and a sense of cooperative unity for everyone involved.

Renaissance Faire
The English Renaissance of the 15th and 16th centuries was also known as "The Elizabethan Age." Every spring, there began a season-long series of fairs, often attended by the Queen herself, and featuring games and food and music and costumes; and trade goods of every sort from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Europe, Africa and every corner of the known world at the time. Introduce your students to the genius of William Shakespeare through the play "The Dream Rehearsed" (an imagined first rehearsal of "A Midsummer Night’s Dream") in the context of an entrepreneurial recreation of a celebrative Renaissance Faire for every member of your school community.

With the multiple debates about American immigration policies, educators must ask themselves, "How much do their students know about Mexican culture" What is the story behind the people who are impacting every aspect of the United States? What is their history? Their values? Their traditions? Fiesta! is a rich and exciting educational program based on the extraordinary thematic curriculum guide "Children of the Sun: The Culture of Mexico:" Cross-curriculum studies, timelines, lesson plans AND an authentic Mexican Fiesta for the school community—featuring the play "The Boy Who Could Do Anything," the Aztec legend about Quetzalcoatl, who taught the first Mexican Indians to bring music and dance to celebrate the joy and abundance of life!

The Circus
A one-day PLAYMAKING experience with a professional troupe of actors (our 21st Century version of the Commedia dell’ Arte) delight and inspire early childhood students by involving them in the creation of an imaginary circus. After the show, actors visit classrooms and teach children some of the "tricks of the trade" of creative expression. A perfect gift of having fun while they’re learning and learning while they’re having fun—at the beginning of the school year, or just before summer vacation…or any time in between.

The Water Planet—Our Home
Imagine an Environmental Science Fair which, after a rigorous, grade appropriate curriculum study of how the planet was formed and our individual and collective relationship to the Earth; is presented by students to the entire school community. What everyone needs to know about new findings on global climate change, what’s being done and how everyone can help to adapt to and bring a better balance between our planetary home and the human family. Through music and dance, writing, visual arts and dramatic presentation—all based on scientific realities—this vital program gives your school the opportunity to lead the way to public awareness of this crucial issue which will inevitably shape our future.

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