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"The Odyssey"

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For guidance counselors, drama teachers, social studies teachers and language arts teachers

30 of your students perform with professional, classically trained actors!!

The ancient Greek poet Homerís legendary epic, has been a world classic of literature for over two thousand years, bringing to light a Celebration of Courage and the Power of Purpose, The Necessity of Confidence to Balance Love and Wisdom and The Key to Success: Setting Goals and Attaining Them.

The Odyssey: The Journey of a Soul has played for enthusiastic audiences on three continents for 25 years. Our Silver Anniversary production features three classically trained, professional actors performing with up to 30 of your students, rehearsing with them for four days and then performing with them on the fifth. You provide the student cast and the audience, we provide the costumes, music, and everything else.

Odyssey 5-day Package: $3690
(travel costs may need to be added outside the New York City area)

In-School residencies and seminars are available upon request on Odyssey themes:

Odyssey produced school play performance for students

"The Odyssey" has enjoyed international acclaim. Here, students in Nairobi, Kenya, play Odysseus and his crew on board the ship in their school-produced play.

To arrange a booking of this extraordinary program,
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