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Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens one act play script cover Students will love the excitement of this classic Charles Dickens tale from Victorian London, full of mystery, intrigue, and murder which demonstrates how all the evils of that society (alcoholism, child abuse, gangs, thieving), were as insidious then as they are now. A true tale of how moral purity and a good heart triumphs in the end.

In the middle of Victorian England, Oliver Twist, an orphan boy makes his way to London after being thrown out of the workhouse for asking for more porridge. He is taken in by Fagin and his gang of girl and boy thiefs who earn their living pickpocketing. Oliver finds his wealthy grandfather and cousin but is still in danger from the evil Bill Sikes, the murderer and thief who fences Fagin's stolen goods, and who fears that Oliver will reveal his and the gang's identities.

This 45-minute one-act play script features a narrator, 5 strong male characters and 2 strong women characters with smaller supporting roles and a chorus which is expandable in size, depending on the number of students to be cast. Good for middle and high school students. Can be intergenerational, as there are both strong adult and child roles. Production ideas for sets, costumes, etc. and curriculum suggestions for a complete thematic curriculum built around the Victorian Era are provided at the end of the script. The hard copy version is 8 1/2" x 11" in size with spiral binding (which lets it lie flat on a desk, when opened) and color cover.

"Your material is a great help to me. I work in a facility for young male offenders and teach on a special wing for 'special needs and other problems.' The age group is 18-21. My skills are not immediately related to performing arts, but using your script plays are a great help.
"Oliver Twist was a big success, the Governors were delighted with the guys' performance. It has helped develop their self-esteem and their confidence, plus working with others. Obviously it was not of high standard, but to them, it was an outstanding achievement. And if it helps towards our efforts in reducing re-offending, everyone is happy. The 'Oliver Twist' performance by these guys was a huge success for self-esteem; all of them have recently received achievement awards from the head governor."
--young male offenders institute
--United Kingdom

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Buy Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens one act play script
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