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CES offers in-school residencies on each level for grades K-12.  We emphasize levels IV and V, whenever possible; since a primary tenet of our Mission is to build capacity in the classroom teacher’s ability to teach the visual and performing arts with as much ease and confidence as he or she might teach language arts, social studies, math or science.


Following are examples of some of the residencies we have done during the past few years:



Residency Description


IS 302k, NYC District 19

Thematic residence on literacy based on Oliver Twist as a thematic unit.  12 sixth grade classes in the school participated in every subject area, using Dickens, Victorian England and Oliver Twist to explore curriculum.  The culminating experience was a theatrical adaptation of Oliver Twist produced by the students, accompanied by a Victorian street fair featuring costumed characters of 1825 London amidst displays of student work:  nutritional requirements of the human body (built around the classic phrase “Please Sir, I want some more!”), costume designs, author study, street people of London, child abuse, illustrators of Dickens, and a timeline of the 1800s featuring people who made significant contributions to civilization.  August-April 2000.


PS 107x, NYC District 8

Thematic residence on the rainforest and endangered species.  Students in K-3 classes studied the rainforest, the cycles of nature, food chains, and the elements of artistic creativity, as well as the story of Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book.  Parents and teachers created sets and costumes and the culmination was an original musical version of The Jungle Book.  November-May 1999.


PS 107x, NYC District 8

(Second year)  Students in grades K-5 studied folk tales from three different cultures, created original costumes based on authentic designs with measurement, cutting and pattern design.  They produced an original script of the three folk tales in a culminating play.  January-June 2000.


PS 279k, NYC District 18

Students from grades K-5 engaged in the study of improvisation and creative dramatics, studying the elements of stories and applying plot, character and setting to the creation of improvised tales from literature. October-June 2000


PS 217k, NYC District 22

Students in grades 3-5, including bi-lingual and special ed classes, studied performance improvisation for 8 sessions and then performed improvisations based on spontaneous and unrehearsed audience prompts. January-March 2000.


PS 69r, NYC District 31

Students in the 5th grade wrote and performed original plays around multicultural folklore:  each class chose a different Latin American country and studied it through the preparation and production for a dramatization of the  folk tale.  October-February 2000.


PS 306k, NYC District 19

Production of an original musical play of The Wizard of Oz.  Over 200 K-6th grade students participated in the creation, costuming and performance of The Wizard of Oz.  10 teachers and parents joined in the performance, which was shown once for the school, and once again in the evening for parents. May-June 1998.


PS 277k, NYC District 22

Multicultural Winter Holiday residence in which students in the 3rd and 4th grades studied the celebrations of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa with interdisciplinary curriculum integration.  3rd grades performed short plays on each of the holidays, while 4th grade classes designed and built the shows.  September-December 1999.


PS 134q, NYC District 29

Radio drama residence in which 3rd and 4th grade students wrote their own scripts on a curriculum topic—one on the American Revolution, and two others on different countries in the world.  Students performed, created original sound effects, added music, and then taped their scripts.


Van Buren Elementary, Riverside, CA

Thematic residence on Mexican culture culminating with a Cinco de Mayo celebration.  Classes created crafts displays, cooked food, designed Mexican-inspired art, dramatized the history of Mexico and performed it, learned and performed songs and folk dances of the culture, and joined in an afternoon celebration.  Spring 1993.

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