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Astronomers of the Renaissance
three comedy play scripts in one
Nicholas Copernicus, Galileo Galilei
and Sir Isaac Newton

Astronomers of the Renaissance play script
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the Astronomers of the Renaissance play script-
the stories of Nicholas Copernicus, Galileo Galilei and 
Sir Isaac Newton comedy play scripts Should science be dry and technical? See the lives of three of the world's most famous astronomers, Nicholas Copernicus, Galileo Galilei and Sir Isaac Newton, become real live drama. Your cast will enjoy performing as each character battles the forces of ignorance and prejudice as they present new ideas in science to a skeptical world.

Astronomers of the Renaissance includes three scenes, each about a different astronomer.

In the first scene, we find Nicholas Copernicus working in his library at the top of a church tower in Poland. He is explaining to his concerned wife that as long as he keeps his new manuscript, which proves that the Earth goes around the Sun, hidden, the Church, which punishes those who do not agree that it is the other way around, will not be able to convict him. The Churchman and his armed Guards arrive to search his apartment, but leave when they fail to find his work. Copernicus's astronomer friends arrive to convince him that he must be brave and publish his ground breaking manuscript for all the world to read.

In the second scene, Italian astronomer Galileo is just using the Leaning Tower of Pisa to prove that weight makes no difference in the speed with which an object falls, when his newly ordered telescope arrives. Emboldened by what he and his astronomer friends see by using their new telescope, Galileo publishes a thinly disguised work of "fiction" which rouses the ire of the Church. In a dramatic conclusion to his story, Galileo is hauled before the Inquisition, forced to recant his views, and sentenced to house arrest for the balance of his life.

In the final of the three stories in this play, young Sir Isaac Newton finally convinces his parents that he is not the useless absent-minded dreamer they perceive him to be, but is indeed a brilliant genius who finds, among other great new discoveries, the laws of gravity.

This 25-30 minute script features three play scripts, each of which can be performed separately, or which can be performed as a unified whole. They are tied together by a large narrator part for two, (which may be broken up among several other actors). 'Nicholas Copernicus' features a leading male role, one leading woman's role, 5 supporting characters and several small roles. 'Galileo Galilei' features a strong leading male role, and 10 good supporting roles. 'Sir Isaac Newton' features 2 male roles and one female role. Gender is interchangeable on many of the supporting roles. For a complete list of cast, including the number of lines for each part, click here. This script is excellent for a middle school or high school cast of about 5th grade or older and works well for adults, too. Hard copy version is 8 1/2" x 11" in size, spiral bound so as to lie flat on a desk when open, and with color cover.

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