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Joseph Brockett
Curriculum Designer

Joseph Brockett, CES consultant in curriculum design Senior CES consultant Joseph Brockett (seated) works on a curriculum guide with master teacher Gwenda Maldonado and center director Warren McPherson of the Athens Montessori School in Athens, GA.

Mr. Brockett has designed and developed curriculum for K-12 Public and Private schools, School Districts, Local, State and Federal Agencies (including the U.S. Departments of Education and Labor), Theatres, Colleges and Universities, Business and Industry, Foundations, Hospitals, Churches, Youth Groups, Arts Councils, Chambers of Commerce, Film Companies, and scores of Non-Profit Organizations. He has also written and published several books on education and the arts, and is the editor of the online newsletter The Journal for Enlightened Education: New Realities for Our Children.

He assists in the design and development of curriculum in the public and private schools, and educational institutions, integrating the essentials of quality education within the context of the present infrastructure of American education.

Consultation with Mr. Brockett may include:
  • Saving you time in designing and developing your curriculum for the optimum benefit to your students
  • Helping you to adhere to already established curriculum mandates and guidelines
  • Connecting and integrating the needs of your various constituents and stakeholders
  • Writing and editing narratives for grant applications and related documents
  • Integrating violence prevention, conflict resolution, best mental health practices, Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences and the visual and performing arts into every aspect of your curriculum.

Mr. Brockett is a Senior Consultant with Creative Educational Systems, and is familiar with the educational needs of age levels pre-K through adult, and is flexible in his schedule.

The foundation of Creative Educational Systems' educational approach may be found in the Change of Heart: Artistic Alternatives to Violence Curriculum Framework.

For references, resume and availability, please contact Mr. Brockett at
Or write to:
Joseph Brockett
c/o Creative Educational Systems
P.O. Box 621639
Las Vegas, NV 89162

or call: 702-463-3936

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