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William Thomas Sly

William Thomas Sly, CES founder William Thomas Sly. William Thomas Sly (Founding Director, Creative Educational Systems) is a poet-philosopher and educator. With a background as an actor and musician, he was invited to join the Performing Arts Foundation in 1972 and established the first year-round theatre for young people in the area. In 1976, he founded Creative Educational Systems (CES) an arts-in-education consultation firm through which he became a consultant to schools, colleges, churches, businesses, not-for profit organizations and government agencies, including the U.S. Departments of Education and Labor. During this time, he continued to write, direct, design, speak and teach, while developing his philosophy of education.

As an arts provider to, he has trained master artist-teachers and built a publishing company for education and the arts. In 2000, he designed and developed the “Change of Heart: Artistic Alternatives to Violence Curriculum Framework” and the essential principles of “Enlightened Education.” Today, he continues to expand the application of this philosophy and publishes the national online newsletter, “The Journal for Enlightened Education: New Realities for Our Children.”

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