"This seminar was entertaining and enlightening. CES's hands-on practical approach opens the door to self- reflection and improved management practices. Great for new teachers -- especially in challenging NYC classrooms."

Jessica Chase
Spanish teacher
HS for Teaching & the Professions

Building students' self esteem is the key to optimal performance, whether that be their focus in a classroom or their results on a test. Learn the proven techniques that will allow you to handle difficult situations such as conflicts, poor self image, lack of self confidence and social challenges--all of which can keep students from doing their best or obstruct their natural desire to learn

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Recommended Text:
Sunrise at 602: Enlightened Classroom Management
by CES

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"You saved my Professional Improvement Plan with the (Enlightened Classroom Management) course you offered at the convention. I was able to complete the mid-year evaluation without any demerits! The best compliment I got was from an administrative secretary who said "You must be doing something right if the frequent offenders club wants to get into your class and your extra curricular club!"
middle school teacher
NJ Education Association Convention

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