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CES seminars, workshops, courses and institutes are based on the books we have written and the books we are writing.

During more than 25 years working with teachers and students of all ages under an enormous range of conditions, we have continued to learn more and more about how to integrate the visual and performing arts into the general curriculum, how to stimulate and maintain student motivation and involvement, and how to gather community support for what and how a school is educating its children. These things are what we teach.

The wonderful thing about arts-in-education, however, is that there is no end to the learning. Some of our current research includes
  • the best way to use the arts to teach history, geography, math and science effectively.
  • how to use fine children’s literature as the basis of an interdisciplinary thematic curriculum unit
  • how the designing of sets, costumes and stage properties can serve as the basis for developing an interdisciplinary thematic curriculum unit
  • how playwrighting can be acknowledged and accepted as a truly transformative strategy in literacy
  • what the study and practice of dramaturgy can offer to improve the quality of high school theatre productions and enrich the general education of all those involved
  • how, through active involvement in theatre production, junior high school students can become active contributors to the school community
  • how classroom applications of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences can actually transform the way teachers teach and the way students learn
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