Building Trust and Respect in Relationships

A Community Building Seminar

"The presenters created a trusting, safe environment where everyone felt comfortable to share."

--SAPIS counselor, Region 10, NYC, speaking about the annual weekend retreat at which CES consultants were the presenters.

What if...?

... all parent-child communications were real meetings of minds and hearts?

... every employee got respect and trust from his or her supervisor?

... all students learned trust and respect at home and expected to give and receive the same in the classroom?

This CES "Community-Building" Seminar will help!!

Participants in this workshop will:
This could be a life-changing seminar for whomever attends it!

"This was the greatest session ever! I am leaving invigorated, happy and very satisfied. Great stress reliever!"

--Elena Figueroa, Supervisor
--Region 10, NYC, Prevention Services

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