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Ronn D. Kistler
Master Trainer

Ronn Kistler, CES consultant and Master Trainer Senior CES consultant Ronn Kistler (seated) works on writing a grant for the restructuring of Van Buren Elementary School in Jurupa, CA. The application to the state was successful, and Van Buren received almost three quarter of a million dollars over five years to restructure their school.

Mr. Kistler is a master trainer of teachers, administrators and managers, and of teaching artists in the fields of communication skills, building group harmony and trust, arts in education, multiple intelligences applications to curriculum design, producing the school play, and all aspects of theatre and theatre production.

He has directed hundreds of student and adult productions from Kindergarten to high school level. He is a grant writer and evaluator, and a program designer for schools and businesses. He has also co-written and published several books on education and the arts, numerous plays for students and is an editor of the online newsletter The Journal for Enlightened Education: New Realities for Our Children.

Consultation with Mr. Kistler may include:
  • Training your employees to integrate the arts into the academic curriculum, and to teach any suhject through the arts.
  • Helping your employees develop better communication skills, including public speaking, voice and diction and conflict resolution.
  • Producing a play for your organization which deals with a topic of your choice, including the concerns and celebrations of your organization and/or its staff.
  • Connecting and integrating the needs of your various constituents and stakeholders into a program design.
  • Writing and editing grant applications and related documents.
  • Integrating violence prevention, conflict resolution, best mental health practices, Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences and the visual and performing arts into every aspect of your curriculum.
  • Designing a system for your operation to deal with a problem, or the need for organization of some kind.

Mr. Kistler is a Senior Consultant with Creative Educational Systems, and is familiar with the Standards, best practices and educational needs of all age levels from pre-K through adult.

The foundation of Creative Educational Systems' educational approach may be found in the Change of Heart: Artistic Alternatives to Violence Curriculum Framework.

For references, resume and availability, please contact Mr. Kistler at
Or write to:
Ronn Kistler
c/o Creative Educational Systems
P.O. Box 6659
East Brunswick, NJ 08816

or call: 732-698-9885

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