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"I am a teacher and was just looking for classic books/plays adapted for children that are easier to read and child friendly! And came across your website by chance, but what a great website! I shall be recommending you to the rest of my teaching colleagues.

Many thanks,"
Emma Taylor, Music Teacher, London, UK

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"I am impressed with the mission of what CES is doing. For a paper in college many moons ago, I wrote on the importance of Arts Education and how to integrate it into the curriculum.

I had an awesome fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Diane Monti: she loves music. She sings and plays the piano. She gathered us all around it to sing multiplication tables to Broadway show melodies. I learned Roy G Biv to a recording for science class. We learned a dance about it on the Maypole. Shortly before she retired, she taught her state history class about Wisconsin geography by having them learn about the state's counties in a song. They then performed it for a spring concert.

I wish more teachers could get how to be like she was.

Lisa, teacher

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